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Outings, visits and activities in Sarthe

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?
You've come to the right place! Find on this page our visits, walks and must-see places guide near the campsite in Sarthe.

Zoo de la Flèche

The Zoo de La Flèche located in Sarthe is an innovating emblematic park that respect the biodiversity.
Come to discover or rediscover the former Zoo de la Tertre Rouge, now a TV star thanks to the program "Une saison au Zoo" broadcasted on France 3.

Papéa Parc

Papéa Parc is an amusement park offering more than 40 attractions, a circus show, and a wide choice of restaurants.
This great park with sensational family attractions is located only 35 minutes from the Campsite La Sittelle.

24 heures du Mans Museum

Visit the 24 hours of le Mans museum to discover the epic motor racing story and the heroes who made its legend! As well as 120 legendary vehicles, a unique collection of miniatures and exclusive contents about the automobile history... 110 years of an incredible adventure!

Pescheray Zoo

The Domaine zoologique de Pescheray located in Breil-sur-Mérize, near Le Mans, whose first stones laid in 841, is a 145 hectares animal reserve. About 74 people with disability coming from the ESAT work there maintaining green areas, cultivating, caring animals or in the restaurant.

Asnières-sur-Vègre Village

Charming small village along the Vègre river that is worth a visit.
Stroll on the street and admire the 19th century bridge and don't forget to go to the Jardin Mosaïque who finished 6th in the 2013 edition of the 'Jardin Préféré des Français' on France 2.


"Small town of character" dating from the 13th century that thrived thanks to its location in a meander of the Sarthe. The village was built around thecastle and the Saint-Pierre Chapel. Its bell tower was built to be a landmark for walkers going to Santiago de Compostela.
Walking along the river, you will see Marcel Pagnol’s mill! His first movie "Le Gendre de Monsieur Poirier" was even filmed in the region.
We recommend visiting this village in August during the medieval festival. Villagers are dressed up with medieval costumes, and you will enjoy watching fighting demonstrations.
Also worth a visit in this village : the ancient stables, the old salt barn, the men's chapel, the Maison à tourelles and the Maison Pérrotin (once the town's prison).


Listed among one of the "most beautiful villages in France", this "small town of character" is surrounded by almost intact ramparts. its keeps dates from the 11th century!
A walking path will take you to the top of its walls where you can admire the valley and the Sainte-Suzanne surrounding countryside. The entrance im the castle is free.
Stroll along its picturesque streets dotted with old houses and don't miss the pretty Promenade de la Poterne. The fabulous 18th century triple-bolt door is also worth the detour Once it required three magistrates, each with a different key, to open this enigmatic lock.


Saulges is a village located in Mayenne, categorized as a "small town of character" and 3 stars as a flowery town.
To visit: 19th century lime kiln, traditional wash house, two historic churches, and the 8th century Saint-Pierre church!
Once you have finished visiting the village, we advise you to stop not far away to visit the famous Saulges caves.

The grottes de Saulges

The Saulges Caves were inhabited in the prehistoric time and contain many prehistoric relics, painting and remains. Grottes habitées à la période préhistorique, ces grottes, ainsi que leurs murs décorés, contribuent à la réputation du village.
Only two caves are open to the public : Margot’s Cave which runs horizontally for about 320 metres and Rochefort Cave which has a chasm about 15 metres deep.
The caves are accessible via the banks of the Saulges Canyon by a lovely picturesque path.


This village located near Sablé-sur-Sarthe is renowned for the abbey of Saint-Pierre de Solesmes.
St. Peter's Abbey, Solesmes is a Benedictine monastery, one of the world's most renowned ensembles specializing in Gregorian chant.
Please note that you won't be allowed to visit the entire abbey because about 60 onks are living there since 1922, but you'll be delighted listening to their gregorian chants.

Jardins de La Mansonière

Located in the village of Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei, it’s a typical English-style garden developed around a charming stone house. The owners Philippe and Michèle welcome visitors to their garden of Eden There are nine differently themed areas in the garden including the rose garden, the garden of perfume, the lunar garden, the patio garden, the calm garden.
To finish off your stay head to the Salon de Thé where you can sit outside and savour the scents and atmosphere of the garden.


  • Loué : Tuesday, 8am-1pm, Place Hector Vincent
    Noyen-sur-Sarthe : Saturday, 9am-1pm, Place de la République
  • Conlie : Thursday, 8am-1pm, Centre Ville, Place de la Mairie
  • La Suze-sur-Sarthe : Thursday, 8am-1pm, Place du Marché
  • Malicorne-sur-Sarthe : Friday 8am-1pm, Place de la République
  • Sablé-sur-Sarthe : Monday, Friday, Saturday, 8am-1pm, Centre Ville

Le Mans

Discover the secrets and charms of Le Mans – it’s a town you shouldn’t race through!
From antiquity to the 20th century, its building, parks, gardens, museums, rivers Le Mans is known as the Plantagenet City bordered by a Roman wall dating from the end of the 3rd century and overlooked by the monumental Cathedral of Saint-Julian.
Listed as "City of Art and History", Le Mans has a unique architectural heritage, and the Roman walls are candidate to be listed as a Humanity World Heritage (UNESCO classification).
The menhir, the cathedral, the Roman wall, timber-framed houses, Renaissance residences, cobblestone streets...fancy travelling back in time?

L'office de Tourisme

Le petit train du Mans

Le musée de Tessé

Cathédrale Saint-Julien, Vitrail de l'Ascension

Carré Plantagenêt, Musée d'Archéologie et Histoire du Mans

Empreinte des pilotes

Jardin des plantes du Mans

Menhir de la Cathédrale du Mans

Sablier Géant

Arche de la Nature

La Sittelle

Place Hector Vincent
72540 Loué (Sarthe)
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